Airfence Service and Spare Parts


We here not only to get you to invest in Airfence safety, but to make sure it works and keeps working!

Track Advice:

Not sure what to do about safety at your track? Airfence can supply obligation free advice about solutions to safety at the planning stage and for currently operating tracks. Contact us.


Staff Training:

If you want your Airfence to last and you want them to work to their full potential, it’s essential that your staff know what they are doing. And of course staff do change. Airfence will train your staff to install, handle and/or repair your Airfence so it makes the safety difference you need. Contact us to schedule your staff training.


Have you got non-serviceable Airfence? Don’t just keep using it! If you don’t know how to repair it, call us and we’ll advise you about how to repair it or we’ll repair it for you.


Supply of Spare parts:

Do you need spare parts for your Airfence? Here’s a list of the commonly requested repair materials we supply. Just put the quantity you need of each part in the boxes and send to Airfence, we’ll get back to you with a price!

Postcode Country
Description Quantity
Replacement male strap assemblies for joins of Airfence Bike, Bike Evo and Airfence Speedway Safety Systems
Replacement D ring assemblies for all Airfence types
PVC adhesive for all inflated Airfence and non- inflatable Airfence covers
Rollers for PVC fabric repairs
Inflation valves for Airfence IIs and Airfence Speedway
New style Replacement Inflation Valve Assembly including flange
ReliefValve Assembly24909
Relief Valve Assembly for inflatable products
New Relief Valve tensioning tool
Airfence securing straps for all Airfence types
White repair fabric for all Airfence types
Blue repair fabric for all Airfence types
Spare covers for all non-inflatable Airfences

Airfence - support for our customers!

When you invest in any of the Airfence Safety Systems you get a whole lot more than a few barriers delivered. You have the security of your barriers being approved by the FIM, the global controlling body of motorcycle racing. You have the “gold standard” for soft-wall protection – Airfence. Your market, motorcycle racers, clubs, promotors and track-day participants, want riders to be protected. We stand behind every barrier we manufacture because our name depends on your barriers working. We ensure that you get all the support you need by offering:
  • Airfence deployment advice
  • Airfence training, at the time of purchase or later for new employees.
  • Repair materials and service manuals
  • Spare parts, replacement covers and adhesives
  • A full repair service if required.
Airfence Director working with track staff to ensure correct installation

Airfence is whose responsibility?

If you, a track manager, promoter, a club, a track-day provider, race organizer or a race official have a wall or object in an impact zone for motorcycles, you should be looking to move it or protect it properly with Airfence. We understand that many walls at race tracks cannot be moved, so Airfence provides the solution. As evidenced by several recent court cases, it is no longer acceptable to leave such dangers on a track. Airfence provides a safe and cost effective way of solving such issues. Generally speaking, tracks are multiuse facilities that do not cater to motorcycles alone. Airfence is a safety system that allows the walls that cars need and the soft barriers that bikes need.

So if you own operate or use a race track that has unprotected or unsatisfactorily protected walls in an impact zone that has regular motorcycle use, you need Airfence. There’s no excuse for not protecting your riders from your walls in zones which they can easily hit!