Airfence Bike Evo


Airfence Bike Evo -High Barriers transform these impact areas by safely decelerating a fallen rider over the depth of the barriers. If riders are likely to impact a solid or semi-solid wall when falling while racing you need to do something about it NOW!

What would rather hit?

An unprotected wall in an impact zone is an unprotected rider, plain and simple.

The next Evo-lution

Airfence Bike Evo - High The Next "Evo-lution" of Soft-wall Protection Is Here!

Following on from the Airfence Bike Safety System, Airfence soft-wall safety systems have taken a new leap forward engineering many improvements to release the Airfence Bike Evo - High Safety System for motorcycle road racing and trackdays.

Airfence has been producing highly successful, non-inflatable soft-wall barriers since 1999 called Airfence Bike, but now this new “Evo – lution” sees the application of our accumulated experience since then to produce our safest barriers ever!

More than ever before, real solutions to every day dangerous walls are now practical and affordable.

Airfence Bike Evo - High is:
  • fully FIM approved Type A.
  • safer than ever with many changes and refinements making it more likely than ever that a rider will walk away from an impact.
  • truly "set and forget" safety for the duration of your motorcycle events.
  • stronger and more practical for those handling them on a day to day basis. They are light and easy to move as required.
  • affordable for tracks and clubs alike.
  • made with the best quality materials and processes to ensure outstanding longevity.
  • fully supported by the most experienced manufacturer of soft-wall safety systems for motorcycle racing.


This is your chance to make a real safety difference for bike use at your track!

The Evo System in detail

So what’s an Airfence Bike Evo - High Safety System?

Anyone can chuck a few foam blocks or straw bales on a wall, but no one believes that’s safe any more. The Airfence Bike Evo - High, a fully ENGINEERED SAFETY SYSTEM, is designed with enhanced features to maximize the opportunity for safe deceleration of a fallen rider. The evolution of design is based on our experience in non-inflatable motorcycle safety barriers which started in 1998.

Airfence Bike Evo - High Safety Systems:
  • Come in individual sections with an internal foam frame and an extremely strong, reinforced PVC fabric cover.
  • Come in sections of two sizes: Evo - High 2 x 1.2 x 1.25m (6.5x4x4.1ft) (LxWxH) and Evo 2 x 1.2 x 1.05m (6.5x4x3.3ft) for protecting low walls.
  • Sections are strapped together by 5 seat-belt webbing and double stainless steel D-ring assemblies forming a seamless soft-wall bank of protection of any desired length.
  • Being light and easily joined and disconnected, they are simple to deploy and remove, protecting the Airfence during non-motorcycle use of the track.

Other New features include:
  • Two optional heights of 1.05m (3ft 4in) and 1.2m (4ft 2in) so you can choose the height you need.
  • New extra thickness—now 1.2m (4ft) to allow greater absorption of impact energy though a larger air cell prior to compression.
  • New foam inside to make for a more robust frame.
  • Sand tubes in sleeves at the bottom of the front stabilize the barrier in high wind and assist in lifting a sliding rider into the barrier, not under it.
Airfence Bike Evo or Airfence Bike Evo High?

What do you need to protect? Does the 1050mm (3.3ft) height of the standard Airfence Bike Evo completely protect riders from the barrier behind including extra height to allow for a tumbling rider compressing the top of the Airfence? If yes, choose it. If not, choose Airfence Bike Evo –High and get that full 1.25m (4.1ft) of protection. Sometimes steel armco type walls are lower and can the lower Airfence Bike Evo. Concrete can be any height, so might use either type and tyre walls are typically 5 tyres high and need Airfence Bike Evo—High.

Comprehensive soft-wall safety for bike riders on an impact zone wall. Airfence Bike Evo -High is for your facility if:
  • Safety is your priority and want the best
  • Have bikes on your track regularly
  • Need ease of handling, quick installation and removal to save worker hours.
  • Want the extra reliability offered by Airfence Bike during events
  • Want the safety protection all year round
  • Likely angle of impact is not very low (see Airfence Bike B)

How it works

Airfence Bike Evo -High - How does it work?



Designed, engineered, tested, accredited and proven in the field.


Airfence Bike Evo -High - The practical choice for busy tracks!

Easy to install, remove and store!


  • New sand tubes are easily slid out of their hook and loop sleeve for moving the Airfence sections
  • Barriers remain lightweight for ease of movement, deployment and storage (32kg)
  • Airfence Bike Evo can be left outside, on or off the track, or stored and stacked—whatever best suits your need
  • New Airfence tie-down fastening straps and snap hooks make fastening even easier
  • Stacking of Airfence Bike Evo sections is easy and effective for extending the life of your Airfence
  • If you move them regularly, consider trolleys or simple, light-weight trailers, talk to us about design!
  • And there’s nothing to do when installed! Airfence Evo -High is made to save tracks time whilst providing the best safety

Airfence Longevity:
  • Only top quality materials including highest UV resistant fabrics used
  • Construction is using HF welding wherever possible
  • Zips make for easily access inside an Airfence section if necessary
  • A foam frame that can be simply repaired with contact adhesive
  • Patches for cover repairs are simple
  • Parts, components, covers and full support available from Airfence
Hot Tip: If storing your Airfence outside consider a sheet of shade-cloth over them to protect the tops from the UV!