About Airfence

Airfence Safety Systems is the trading name for Airfence products, owned by Harim Industrial Co Ltd, Seoul Korea. The Airfence business is based in Australia. It is committed to providing the highest quality, affordable and practical safety systems for motor (and other) sports, particularly motorcycle racing. We supply Federation Internationale De Motocycliste homologated/licenced soft wall, impact absorbing barriers.

Since our first barriers were released in 1991 we have been striving to improve our products, range of products and to better serve our customers.

We develop, manufacture and sell our own safety systems. They are designed to absorb impact and safely decelerate riders and other sports people, protecting them from impact with solid objects. Our systems apply modern materials and technologies to the safety of sporting venues.

We are serious about safety.

That is why we have developed our own testing facility to test our safety systems more fully. Because Airfence products are tested so thoroughly, they have saved numerous lives as well as unknown numbers of injuries. They have been developed to ensure that the maximum energy of the impact is absorbed by the barrier and that "spikes" of deceleration, which are so injurious to riders, are eliminated.

Ongoing development has been our priority to ensure that all the impact absorbing features have been retained and improved. Refinements have been added, making Airfence more practical and user friendly as well as addressing potential problems such as riders sliding underneath it. So now Airfence is standard fare at premier motorcycling events around the world.

Not only for motorcyclists any more! Airfence is continually looking for other sporting applications for its products and so we now see them used at cycling, karting, skating and skiing events too.

Are you serious about safety too?

Airfence maintains the excitement of sport. Excitement and perceived danger are inexorably linked. We don't want to sterilize our sport with endless run-offs and removal of spectators from the action. So let's keep and increase the spectacle of roadracing while providing the best safety standards possible.

Present your track or venue professionally.

Tyre walls, straw bales and foam blocks don't work to absorb impacts of human bodies. They also look shabby, whether or not wrapped in a plastic bag. Give your track the presentation that will attract riders, spectators, the media and advertisers. Our sport needs managers who look to the future and see the gains from maximizing the safety of the racing environment. Whether on a ride day or in a GP, the track has to be the safe alternative for riding fast. Is the next TV coverage of your event going to hone in on some tragedy that could perhaps been avoided? Are we really counting the cost of such publicity?

We are all only too aware of our duty of care. When increased safety is clearly available for dangerous locations, anyone who ignores that is in a vulnerable position. "Is the life of an international rider worthy of higher levels of safety than other competitors of yours?" Don't let this question be asked of you in court!

Airfence Global Support

With Airfence now having representation in Europe and the USA, we can assist you at every stage of your safety upgrade. Contact your local Airfence support.